By Magda Swinya

snorlax print.jpg

A little bit about me

Welcome to my Gallery. My name is Magda and I have too much imagination to know what to do with, So I try to bring it out onto a canvas whenever the inspiration kicks. I recently felt passion for expressing my self using Pokemon themes, and fell in love with the idea! So I wanted to share it with you!  whether you are an art enthusiast, a Pokemon fan, or even better, both! 

My art style : I love to emphasize the backgrounds, and scatter the characters somewhere in the shadow in a subtle yet eye catching setting. As I aspire to create the kind of art that can be proudly hung anywhere by a Pokemon fan.

My goal is to bring out the best of the two art worlds: 1.A beautiful classical landscape with a pinch of magic, 2. A  beloved character in the background  (Pikachu, Sailor moon, Mario... etc) , so that many interesting conversations can be started by such art hanging in the living room. Once in a while I experiment with different painting styles hoping to make the the viewer feel maximum nostalgia levels. It means the world to me if my art moved someone, or evoked some emotions. I hope my art can have a positive impact no matter how small. whether you are here as a viewer, a fan, a customer, or a nosy relative. I hope you enjoy the paintings and I appreciate you all. <3

If I had a theme song it would probably sound like this: 

"I wanna be the very best,
Like no one ever was.
To paint them all is my real test,
To share them is my cause."  *Cough, cough*

My painting style : I am a disorganized, but nonetheless  proud artist.  When I'm in a painting frenzy, I let the brushes flow rather than follow textbook techniques, So in exchange for creating what I fancy, Things get messy! Too many times paints leak, water spills, and walls get stains.  Overall it's a Tsunami, everything gets out of order accept for what's on the canvas, whats on the canvas is the only thing that really matters...
What matters next is cleaning the mess I made ( The least fun part ).

Finally,  I cannot express my gratitude enough for all the kindness and support received from you during the last year, so thank you for every kind comment, every like and heart on my social media, every email, and every order. This all means so much, and I'm humbled by all of that. You guys are the reason I keep pushing forward.  

Thank you!