By Magda Swinya

Umbreon and Espeon dark world-2 - Copy.jpg

A little bit about me

My name is Magda, and I'm an artist located in Germany/Berlin.I love to express my self in many ways, but mostly in painting Pokemon themes. My imagination takes me really far sometimes (god knows I have tons of it :P ), So I try to bring it into a canvas whenever I get really inspired, or else I will explode. 

My art style : I love to emphasizes the backgrounds, as I want to create art that you can proudly hang anywhere, even as the main decoration in your guest room and show off to your family and friends With your beloved Pokemon or other video game/anime character in a beautiful, subtle yet eye catching setting, and sometimes out of focus, Adding an extra flavor to the painting. I believe this brings out the best of the two worlds.

My painting style : Unlike what I've learnt, I don't like to be constrained by using textbook techniques and numbered brushes to reach a certain effect. Each time I paint I let things flow naturally. I believe I can achieve any effect with almost anything laying at hand, sometimes even my hands. Yes, this means my work space gets chaotic during the process, it can also be time consuming, however, in return this allows me to paint whatever inspires me without boundaries, trusting it will come out as something one of a kind with special care for tiny details. I hope that is reflected in my paintings.

I hope to expand as an artist and keep providing unique pieces, for anyone who'd love to make a special addition to their wall ,or a beautiful background for their screens, or as a special gift for a special someone.

Finally I cannot express my gratitude enough for all the support I got from you guys during the last year, so thank you for every kind comment, every like and heart on my social media, every email and every order. This all means the world to me and I'm humbled by all of that. you guys are the reason I keep pushing forward. 
I love you all !