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Our Story

Painting is not my passion in fact it causes backaches ( believe me ). What my real passion is, is being able to lay a piece of my imagination on a canvas and make it come to life. and that's what makes me love this above any other activities. Recently my husband had an idea that I should paint more video game characters we could hang around our apartment so it fits both our tastes, and it sounded like a fantastic idea and a light bulb appeared above my head ! cuz as a grown up I wanted something attention grabbing and beautiful so why can't a Pikachu or Mewtwo painting per se be interesting and mysterious? a little bit of nostalgia should make any art more meaningful as we all should feel somehow connected to a painting we choose. Thinking that some people could relate we decided to share the whole idea around and start Apollonia Galleria. It's everything we love and i hope you will enjoy this experience with us